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Bundesliga Match Post: VfL Wolfsburg vs FC Bayern München

Just thought that I'd make the post because there hasn't been one in a long time and I miss you all.

So... There's anybody here?

256s20p vs. noiow6.jpg

Neuer - Lahm, van Buyten, Dante, Alaba - Gustavo, Schweinsteiger - Müller, Kroos, Ribery - Mandzukic

Tymoshchuk, Shaqiri, Gomez, Boateng, Starke, Rafinha, Robben

2030 CET / 1930 UTC / 1430 EST
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Here! *raises hand*
Nice to see a post :) Thank you!
You're welcome, is nice to see somebody here :)
I already missed the posts!
A bit careless there, Bayern.
Oh and I forgot...

Streams: atdhe, firstrow, rojadirecta
Aww Olic. I just love him, I'm sorry
I love him, too! :) He really is a great guy.
Lahm offside

(I don't even know)
And yellow for Polák (I think...)

So... the elbows thing is a Wolfsburg thing?
Nop, it was for Madlung, sorry
Yellow for Vieirinha for trying to kill Alaba or something

That goal was a think of beauty, y'all
Uh-huh! :D What a goal.
Wolfsburg looks mighty frustrated. Will be interesting to see them in the 2nd half.


February 15 2013, 20:34:45 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 15 2013, 20:38:19 UTC

It hasn't been particularly pretty game, but it's a 1-0 lead at half time.

Oh and I'm just gonna leave this here

Is it just me or is Bayern a little less inspired without Martinez?
Maybe. I'm not sure if it's because Javi Martinez is that great or Luiz Gustavo is playing kind of bad or a combination of both

In other news, Tymo on for Kroos, Robben on for Ribery and I miss Robbery


February 15 2013, 21:15:41 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 15 2013, 21:16:34 UTC

Mario comes on for Mario and the twitter account of FCBayern is being his usual awesome self
And that's all folks, we won, Philipp and Basti are being happy in my stream and everything is good in the world
Question time: What do you think about the Lewandowski rumors?
I have no opinion really. It's a bit weird?
Missed the game because I went to the opera. But jeej for the win :D Let's repeat that on Tuesday.
Thanks for making a post again! I can't do it anymore because apparentely I have too many posts in the queue (most of them were doubles of other posts). I don't know what I can do about that.